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Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1783 – 1853, Danish)

Three Spartan Boys

Hector's Farewell To Andromache

Four Of Johannes Sobotker's Children

The Nathansonske Family - A Jewish Family

Let The Children Come Unto Me

Moses Divides The Waters Of The Red Sea

Ida Mariane Brockenhuus

The Good Mother

A Storm

Prospect From Monte Aventino

Sharing Food To The Needy

Street Scene In Stockholm

The Harbor Of Copenhagen

Two Young Girls At The Window

G.L.Lahde's Children, Luise, Mine and Carl


Angelica Kauffmann (1741 – 1807, Swiss)

Cornelia, Mother Of The Gracchi

Four Children With A Basket Of Fruit

Countess A. S. Protasova And Her Nieces

Children With A Bird’s Nest And Flowers

The Spencer Children In A Landscape

Juliane von Krudener And Her Son Paul

Venus Persuades Helen To Fall In Love With Paris

Ferdinand IV, King Of Naples And Both Sicily, And His Family

Edward Smith Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby,
With His First Wife, Lady Elizabeth Hamilton, And Their Son

Princess Augusta Charlotte With Her Son

The Townshend Family

A Sleeping Nymph Watched By A Shepherd

Disarming Of Cupid

Countess Alexandra Branicka With Her Children

Miss Elizabeth Temple As A Child

Count Nikolai Tolstoy With His Wife Anna Ivanovna
And Their Son Alexander

Hector Taking Leave Of Andromache

The Beauty, Tried By Love, Guided By Wisdom

Prince Henry Lubomirski As Amor

Cherubs: Painting

Cherubs: Architecture

Cherubs: Sculpture

Cherubs: Music

Mrs. Hugh Morgan And Her Daughter

Joseph Telling His Dream To His Father

The Nursing Of Bacchus

Marriage Of St. Catherine

Mother And Child With An Apple

Jacques-Louis David (1748 – 1825, French)

Bélisaire demandant l’aumone

Les Licteurs rapportant à Brutus les corps de ses fils

Andromache Mourning Hector

Emilie Sériziat And Her Son

Comtesse Vilain XIII And Her Daughter

Camille Desmoulins And Family

The Death Of Joseph Bara, 13 Years Old

The Intervention Of The Sabine Women

Mars Disarmed by Venus And The Three Graces

Sappho and Phaon