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Jean-Baptiste Mallet (1795 – 1835, French)

Genevieve of Brabant Baptising Her Son In Prison

Morning Prayer

Mother With Her Children In An Interior

Young French Marquise En Exile In Lausanne

A Nursery Scene

Children’s Bath

The Lunch Of Fanfan
(after Henri Nicolas van Gorp)

The Education Of Henry IV

The First Steps

Newborn Toilet

The Judgement

The Little Fixer

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780 – 1867, French)

Henry IV of France Playing With His Children

François I reçoit les derniers soupirs de Leonard de Vinci
(The Death of Leonardo da Vinci)

Le voeu de Louis XIII

Venus Anadyomène

Alexandre Lethière Family

Mme Victor Ballard et sa fille Paule