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Henry Jules Jean Geoffroy (1853 – 1924, French)

Les petites menageres

Sharing A Meal

July 14th – Bastille Day

Les enfants

Au jardin des plantes

Paying Homage To The Teacher On A Holiday

Give Me A Bite

La sortie de l’ecole

The Children’s Class

Back To School

Nursery School

At Notre-Dame du Perpetuel Bon Secours Hospital

In Detention

The Young Artist

An Arab School In Tlemcen – The Quranic Lesson

The Animal Market In Belleville

Solving The Problem

Captive Audience

A Simple Pleasure – Children With Fish

Young Mother With Baby

Visiting Day At The Hospital

The Distribution Of The Milk

The Consultation

The Weighing Session

The Christmas Tree At The Dispensary

Les résignés

Family Seated Around A Hearth

Compulsory Education

The Lemonade Stand

Hors concours

La crèche

Qui casse les verres les paie

title unknown

Preparing For Prize Day

L’enfant au fusil de bois