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Jan Victors (1619 – 1676, Dutch)

The Expulsion of Hagar

Abraham And Isaac Before The Sacrifice

Hannah Giving Her Son Samuel To The Priest Eli

Moses Parting Of Jethro

Jacob Blessing The Sons Of Joseph


Market Scene With A Quack At His Stall

A Market Scene

The Blind Fiddler

Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow (1788 – 1862, German)

Portrait of Felix Schadow, Stepbrother Of The Artist

Grand Duchess Alexandrine von Mecklenburg With Her Two Children


Double Portrait of Paul and Max von Mila

Die Klage Jakobs um Joseph

Rembrandt (1606 – 1669, Dutch)

Portrait Of A Boy

Portrait of Susanna Pellicorne and her daughter Eva

Young Girl With A Broom

Jacob Blessing Joseph’s Second Son

The Holy Family

The Holy Family

Francesco Hayez (1791 – 1882, Italian)

Ritratto della contessina Antonietta Negroni Prati Morosini

Ritratto di don Giulio Vigoni bambino

Incontro tra Esaù e Giacobbe

Ritratto della famiglia Stampa di Soncino

Ritratto di famiglia

I Profughi di Parga

L'ultimo abboccamento di Giacomo Foscari figlio del doge GiuseppeL’ultimo abboccamento di Giacomo Foscari figlio del doge Giuseppe

Abel Pann (1883 – 1964, Israeli)


Rebekah And Jacob

Mary And Child

Jacob And Rachel

And God Remembered Rachel And She Conceived And Bore A Son


Mother And Child

Rebecca With Sons Jacob And Esau