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Jan Victors (1619 – 1676, Dutch)

The Expulsion of Hagar

Abraham And Isaac Before The Sacrifice

Hannah Giving Her Son Samuel To The Priest Eli

Moses Parting Of Jethro

Jacob Blessing The Sons Of Joseph


Market Scene With A Quack At His Stall

A Market Scene

The Blind Fiddler

Ford Madox Brown (1821 – 1893, English)

(Part I)

The Pretty Baa-Lambs

Wiliam Tell’s Son

The English Boy

The Irish Girl

Mauvais Sujet

Oure Ladye of Good Children

The Widow’s Son

Joseph’s Coat – The Coat Of Many Colours

Take Your Son, Sir

Chetham’s Life Dream
(mural in Manchester Town Hall)

 John Dalton Collecting Marsh Fire Gas

 John Kay Inventor Of The Fly Shuttle A.D. 1753

Millie Smith

Elizabeth Clara Bromley

Catherine Madox Brown

Cathy Madox Brown At The Age Of Three

The Young Mother

Abraham and Isaac

(1 – to be continued)

François Gérard (1770 – 1837, French)


Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Miniaturist, With His Daughter

Caroline Murat (née Bonaparte) And Her Children

Marie-Julie Bonaparte (née Clary), Infante d’Espagne,
en compagnie de ses deux filles Charlotte et Zénaide Bonaparte

The Happiness Of Being A Mother

Count Moritz Christian Fries And His Family

Joseph reconnu par ses frères

Telemachus Refusing The Crown Of Crete

Corinne au Cape Misène

La duchesse de Berry et ses enfants
(Princess Caroline of Naples and Sicily)

Louise-Antoinette-Scholastique Géhéneuc,
Duchesse de Montebello, With Her Children

Marie-Louise And Her Son The King of Rome, Napoleon II

Portrait du Roi de Rome (Napoleon’s Son)

Un enfant et un lévrier

Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of Holland, And Her Son

Bartolome Esteban Murillo (1617 – 1682, Spanish)

(Part II)

Boy With A Dog

Head Of A Girl

Old Woman And Boy

The Little Fruit Seller

Young Boys Playing Dice

Two Boys Playing Dice

Two Peasant Boys

Three Boys

St.Diego Giving Alms

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

The Holy Family

Joseph Leading The Christ Child

Joseph With Infant Christ

Madonna And Child

Virgin And Child

Madonna In The Clouds

Mary And Child With Angels Playing Music

The Two Trinities

Virgin And Child With Santa Rosalina of Palermo

(See also: Part I)

Angelica Kauffmann (1741 – 1807, Swiss)

Cornelia, Mother Of The Gracchi

Four Children With A Basket Of Fruit

Countess A. S. Protasova And Her Nieces

Children With A Bird’s Nest And Flowers

The Spencer Children In A Landscape

Juliane von Krudener And Her Son Paul

Venus Persuades Helen To Fall In Love With Paris

Ferdinand IV, King Of Naples And Both Sicily, And His Family

Edward Smith Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby,
With His First Wife, Lady Elizabeth Hamilton, And Their Son

Princess Augusta Charlotte With Her Son

The Townshend Family

A Sleeping Nymph Watched By A Shepherd

Disarming Of Cupid

Countess Alexandra Branicka With Her Children

Miss Elizabeth Temple As A Child

Count Nikolai Tolstoy With His Wife Anna Ivanovna
And Their Son Alexander

Hector Taking Leave Of Andromache

The Beauty, Tried By Love, Guided By Wisdom

Prince Henry Lubomirski As Amor

Cherubs: Painting

Cherubs: Architecture

Cherubs: Sculpture

Cherubs: Music

Mrs. Hugh Morgan And Her Daughter

Joseph Telling His Dream To His Father

The Nursing Of Bacchus

Marriage Of St. Catherine

Mother And Child With An Apple

Alexander Maximilian Seitz (1811 – 1888, German)

Joseph Being Sold Into Slavery

The Madonna And Child

The Rest On The Flight To Egypt

Friedrich Wilhelm von Schadow (1788 – 1862, German)

Portrait of Felix Schadow, Stepbrother Of The Artist

Grand Duchess Alexandrine von Mecklenburg With Her Two Children


Double Portrait of Paul and Max von Mila

Die Klage Jakobs um Joseph