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Kate Greenaway (1846 – 1901, English)

The 'Muff'The ‘Muff’

The Little ModelThe Little Model

Vera Evelyn SamuelsVera Evelyn Samuels

Lucy Locket Lost Her PocketLucy Locket Lost Her Pocket

Brother and SisterBrother And Sister

The Bracken GatherersThe Bracken Gatherers

Spring TimeSpring Time

The Old FarmhouseThe Old Farmhouse


A Young Girl Dressed Up For ChristmasA Young Girl Dressed Up For Christmas

Kate Greenawaytitle unknown

Little AnneLittle Anne

greenawaytitle unknown

J Jumped For ItJ Jumped For It

Out For A WalkOut For A Walk

ringringRing A Ring O’ Roses

Child with Dog (Illustration Little Folks magazine)Child with Dog

Child With Parrot (Illustration Little Folks magazine)Child With Parrot

May Your Christmas Be As HappyMay Your Christmas Be As Happy

Happy HoursHappy Hours

Little Boy BlueLittle Boy Blue

Pearls For ChildrenPearls For Children

The YoungsterThe Youngster

Almanack for 1884Almanack For 1884

Almanack 1885Almanack 1885

A Christmas DreamA Christmas Dream

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Kate Greenaway (1846 – 1901, English)

The Red BoyThe Red Boy

greenawaytitle unknown

Sunshine For Little ChildrenSunshine For Little Children

The Cherry LadyThe Cherry Lady

Two Girls in a GardenTwo Girls In A Garden

Kate Greenaway title unknown

The Elf RingThe Elf Ring

The Little Go-CartThe Little Go-Cart

A Surrey CottageA Surrey Cottage

The Royal ChatterboxThe Royal Chatterbox

Baby DearBaby Dear

A Little Girl In A MuffA Little Girl In A Muff


greenawaytitle unknown

To BabyTo Baby


The Pied Piper Of HamelinThe Pied Piper Of Hamelin

The Pied PiperThe Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Rats Of HamelinRats Of Hamelin

The Little Jumping GirlsThe Little Jumping Girls

greenway3title unknown

Deaf MarthaDeaf Martha

Christmas CardsChristmas Cards

Christmas CardChristmas Card

Our BabiesOur Babies

Merry Doings Of ChildhoodMerry Doings Of Childhood

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Kate Greenaway (1846 – 1901, English)

Kate_Greenawaytitle unknown

Two Girls Going To SchoolTwo Girls Going To School

The Fable Of The Girl And Her Milk PailThe Fable Of The Girl And Her Milk Pail

KGtitle unknown

A Baby in WhiteA Baby In White

Christmas Eve - A Visit From Father ChristmasChristmas Eve – A Visit From Father Christmas

greenawayLittle Drummer Boy

The Peacock GirlThe Peacock Girl

A Stick FireA Stick Fire

The Garden SeatThe Garden Seat

Two At A StillTwo At A Still

Marigold GardenMarigold Garden

greenawaytitle unknown

KGtitle unknown

Polly, The Queen Of The Pirate IslePolly, The Queen Of The Pirate Isle

Polly (The Queen Of The Pirate Isle)Polly (The Queen Of The Pirate Isle)

The Strains Of Polly Flinders (detail)The Strains Of Polly Flinders

May DayMay Day


Happy Returns DayHappy Returns Day

Many Happy Returns DayMany Happy Returns Day

Joan PonsonbyJoan Ponsonby


My TreasureMy Treasure

Gertie's Sun FlowerGertie’s Sun Flower

Our Baby's ChatterboxOur Baby’s Chatterbox

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