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Ludwig Knaus (1829 – 1910, German)

First Earnings

The Village Prince

In The Shtetl

The Birthday Party

A Children’s Party

Portrait Of A Young Girl

The Petition

Mud Pies

Spring Time

Girl In A Field

Half-Length Portrait Of A Girl

Two Young Women Tending A Goat

Behind The Curtain

Gypsies In The Forest

Auszug zum Fest

A Handful of Kittens

The Walk

The Golden Wedding



A Girl In An Amber Necklace

Head Study

title unknown

title unknown

Little Girl With Dachshund Puppy

The Young Mother

The Storyteller

Portrait Of A Young Boy

Music Box

The Round Dance

The Conjuror In The Barn

Family Of The Businessman B.H. Strousberg


The Little Illustrator

Portrait Of A Young Girl Artist

The Truant

The Unwilling Model