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Rudolf Koivu (1890 – 1946, Finnish)

Snowy WoodsSnowy Woods

9386152Boy And Girl With Flowers

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree

Girl And BouquetGirl And Bouquet

Rudolf KoivuChristmas Star

StarChristmas Star

0045Boy With Squirrel

Girl With DaisiesGirl With Daisies

Wise Men Visit JesusWise Men Visit Jesus

Little AngelLittle Angel

0406729_title unknown

Boy And GirlBoy And Girl

9069756_title unknown

Boy FishingBoy Fishing

Girl With A CatGirl With A Cat


Boy And MoonBoy And Moon

Rudolf KoivuSanta Claus


68154On The Slide

KoivuShop Window

Christmas TimeChristmas Time

, 500ppi, 51,7MChristmas Tree

Children DancingChildren Dancing

406730_title unknown

Making Bouquets Of FlowersMaking Bouquets Of Flowers

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas


, 460ppi, 50.9Mtitle unknown

Jules-Claude Ziegler (1804 – 1856, French)

Giotto chez Cimabue

Oriental Figures

The Adoration Of The Magi

La Vierge Bourguignone

Pieter de Grebber (1600 – 1653, Dutch)

The Virgin Teaching The Infant Christ To Read

Mother And Child

St. John the Baptist Preaching Before Herod

Elisha Refusing Gifts From Naaman

Family Group

The Young Daniel

Bathsheba Bathing

Finding Of Moses

The Adoration Of The Magi

Madonna And Child

The Tattooing Lesson

Giovanni Battista Moroni (1520 – 1578, Italian)

La Bambina di Casa Redetti (The Child Of The House Of Redetti)

Count Alborghetti of Bergamo And His Son

Portrait Of A Gentleman And His Two Children

A Gentleman In Adoration Before The Madonna

The Mystic Marriage Of St. Catherine

Madonna And St. Catherine

Madonna And Child With Angels

Adoration Of The Magi With St. Lucia

Holy Trinity Crowning The Virgin


Ruth Sanderson (1951, American)

(Part I)



Madonna in Red

Holy Family

Shepherds At The Manger

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Adoration Of The Shepherds

Three Kings

Three Wise Men

Swadling Clothes

Flight to Egypt

Madonna And Child

Winter Pony

Santa's Magical Toys

 (1 – to be continued)

(Ruth Sanderson official site)

Jan de Beer (1475 – 1528, Dutch)

Birth Of The Virgin

Madonna And Child With A Pilgrim And An Angel

The Holy Three Kings Worshipping




Cornelis de Vos (1584 – 1651, Dutch)

(Part II)

Portrait Of A Child

Elisabeth (or Cornelia) Vekemans As A Young Girl

A Nobleman And Three Children

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Family Portrait

Anthony Reyniers And His Family

Family Portrait

Madame Charlotte Butkens Smit van Cruyninghen
And Her Son John Amatus

Frans Veckermans

Jan Veckermans

Family Portrait

Child Holding A Racket

Little Girl With A Parrot

Girl With A Bell

11 Years Old Girl With Puppy

David Playing The Harp

Adoration Of The Magi

The Birth Of Jesus

(See also: Part I)