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Pieter de Grebber (1600 – 1653, Dutch)

The Virgin Teaching The Infant Christ To Read

Mother And Child

St. John the Baptist Preaching Before Herod

Elisha Refusing Gifts From Naaman

Family Group

The Young Daniel

Bathsheba Bathing

Finding Of Moses

The Adoration Of The Magi

Madonna And Child

The Tattooing Lesson


Frank William Warwick Topham (1838 – 1924, English)

Rescued From The Plague, London 1665 – Pepys Saves A Saddler’s Child

The Lily

A Roman Triumph

Naaman’s Wife

Young Girl On A Swing

Toddler’s First Steps


The Story Of Ruth And Boaz

Spanish Amusements

Home After Service

Sick Soldier Receiving Shelter

A Messenger For Good Tidings – News Of Relief To Florence In 1496

Market Day, Perugia

Pensioners Of Assisi

Italian Games

Going To The Market

Hannah Wife Of Elkanah Takes Her Young Son Samuel To The Temple At Shiloh

The Young Violinist


Courting Young Couple

 Woman Holding A Child (painting courtesy of Manoj Chouhan)

Woman Holding A Child (painting courtesy of Manoj Chouhan)