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Jean-Jacques Lagrenée (1739 – 1821, French)

Allegory On The Installation Of The Museum
In the Grande Galerie Of The Louvre

Finding Of Moses

General Baudet’s Wife And Her Two Children

The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist

Allegory Of Charity

Falling Idols

The Rest On The Flight To Egypt

Sleeping Venus Watched By Cupid

Louis Jean François Lagrenée (1725 – 1805, French)

L’Amour des Arts console la Peinture

The Education Of The Virgin

Joséphine, fille de Bergeret de Grancourt, touchant le piano-forteJoséphine, fille de Bergeret de Grancourt, touchant le piano-forte

Moses Saved From The WatersMoses Saved From The Waters

The Indulgent MotherThe  Indulgent Mother

Happy Old AgeHappy Old Age

The Death Of Darius Wife

Ceres Teaching Agriculture

Pygmalion And Galatea

Rinaldo and Armida

The Bath of Venus

Venus Teaching Cupid To Read

The Union Of Painting And Sculpture

Penelope Reading A Letter From Odysseus

Holy Family

The Judgment Of Paris

Cupid Blindfolded By Venus

Kindness And Generosity


Charity 2Charity

The Three Graces Teased By Loves

Justice Disarmed By Innocence And Applauded By Prudence

François-André Vincent (1746 – 1816, French)

Allégorie de la libération des esclaves d’Algers par Jérome Bonaparte

Belisarius, Blinded Beggar, Recognized By One Of His Former Soldier

La leçon de labourage

François Bernard Boyer-Fonfrede et sa famille

Madame Boyer-Fonfrede et son fils Henri

Portrait Of A Mother And Child

Back View Of A Roman Servant Boy

François Gérard (1770 – 1837, French)


Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Miniaturist, With His Daughter

Caroline Murat (née Bonaparte) And Her Children

Marie-Julie Bonaparte (née Clary), Infante d’Espagne,
en compagnie de ses deux filles Charlotte et Zénaide Bonaparte

The Happiness Of Being A Mother

Count Moritz Christian Fries And His Family

Joseph reconnu par ses frères

Telemachus Refusing The Crown Of Crete

Corinne au Cape Misène

La duchesse de Berry et ses enfants
(Princess Caroline of Naples and Sicily)

Louise-Antoinette-Scholastique Géhéneuc,
Duchesse de Montebello, With Her Children

Marie-Louise And Her Son The King of Rome, Napoleon II

Portrait du Roi de Rome (Napoleon’s Son)

Un enfant et un lévrier

Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of Holland, And Her Son

Johann Zoffany (1733 – 1810, German)

The Porter And The Hare

Queen Charlotte With Her Two Eldest Sons

Queen Charlotte With Her Children And Brothers

Group Portrait With Sir Elijah and Lady Impey

Leopold I Grand-Duke of Tuscany
With His Wife Maria Ludovica And Their Children

The Reverend Randall Burroughs And His Son Ellis

Colonel Blair With His Family And An Indian Ayah

The Lavie Children

Sir Lawrence Dundas And His Grandson Lawrence

Prince Ludwig of Parma
with his sisters Caroline, Marie Antoinette and Charlotte

Three Sons Of John, 3rd Earl of Bute

Three Daughters Of John, 3rd Earl of Bute

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Aged 8

The Sharp Family

The Blunt Children

The Sumner Children

The Third Duke of Richmond With His Servant

Family Group In A Landscape

Bradshaw Family

The Colmore Family

A Family Of Three At Tea

John Verney, 14th Baron Willoughby de Broke,
Lady Louisa North And Their Family In The Breakfast Room

The Family Of Sir William Young

The Palmer Family

Henry Knight Of Tythegston With His Three Children

Jean-Baptiste Wicar (1762 – 1834, French)

Louis Bonaparte (King of Holland)
And Louis Napoléon (Crown Prince of Holland, future Napoléon III)

Queen Julie Bonaparte (Queen of Spain)
And Her Daughters (Charlotte and Zénaide)

Zénaide Bonaparte

The Judgement Of Solomon

title unknown

Head Of A Young Man

Femme pinçant le luth

Portrait de jeune homme

Henry Ryland (1856 – 1924, English)


A Woman And Child Making Wreaths


The Young Orpheus

The Water Nymph

Allegory Of Music

Dorothea And The Roses


title unknown

Maiden With A Laurel Wreath

A Pastoral