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Pieter de Grebber (1600 – 1653, Dutch)

The Virgin Teaching The Infant Christ To Read

Mother And Child

St. John the Baptist Preaching Before Herod

Elisha Refusing Gifts From Naaman

Family Group

The Young Daniel

Bathsheba Bathing

Finding Of Moses

The Adoration Of The Magi

Madonna And Child

The Tattooing Lesson


Albrecht Durer (1471 – 1528, German)

A Young Girl Of Cologne

Portrait Of A Girl

Self-Portrait At 13

Weeping Cherub

Seated Nude Child

Oriental Family

Cupid The Honey Thief

The Flight Into Egypt

Adoration Of The Magi

Virgin And Child With Half A Pear

Virgin And Child With St. Anne

Madonna and Child (Haller Madonna)

Virgin And Child Before An Archway

The Feast Of The Rosary

Alexander Maximilian Seitz (1811 – 1888, German)

Joseph Being Sold Into Slavery

The Madonna And Child

The Rest On The Flight To Egypt

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout (1621 – 1674, Dutch)

Children In A Park

Coriolanus‘s Mother And Wife Begging Him To Spare Rome

Volumnia Pleading With Her Son Coriolanus To Spare Rome

Hannah Presenting His Son Samuel To The Priest Eli

The Infant Samuel Brought By Hannah To Eli

The Expulsion Of Hagar And Ishmael

Simeon In The Temple, Nunc dimittis

Portrait Of A Family

Presentation In The Temple

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

The Adoration Of The Shepherds

St. Peter Healing The Lame

The Satyr And The Peasant

Boy With A Red Cap And Gold Chain

Boy With A Turban, Standing Behind A Chair

Youth Lying On Ground Asleep

A Sleeping Shepherd Boy

Willem van Mieris (1662 – 1747, Dutch)

The Peepshow

Soap Bubbles

A Woman Spinning Yard
With A Baby In A Wicker Basket And And Old Man Smoking A Pipe

The Pharmacist

Interior With A Mother Attending Her Children

Expulsion of Hagar

Baron van Leyden van Vlaardingen With His Wife And Three Sons

The Lute Player

An Interior With A Lady And Her Servants In Oriental Dress

Armida Binding The Sleeping Rinaldo

Boy Buying Chestnuts

Portrait Of A Young Man

The Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

Virgin And Child

John Singleton Copley (1738 – 1815, American)

Charles Callis Western And His Brother Shirley Western

Portrait Of Copley Family

Young Lady With A Bird And Dog

The Three Youngest Daughters Of George III
(Princesses Mary, Sophia and Amelia)

Samuel Reading to Eli the Judgments of God Upon Eli’s House

Mary And Elizabeth Royall

Richard Heber

Midshipman Augustus Brine

William Vassall And His Son Leonard

The Stilwell Family

Sir William Pepperell And Family

The Gore Children

The Nativity

Thomas Aston Coffin

Daniel Crommelin Verplanck

Portrait Of A Boy

The Forge Of Vulcan

Boy With A Squirrel - Henry PelhamBoy With A Squirrel – Henry Pelham

Mary Elizabeth MartinMary Elizabeth Martin

Mrs. Daniel Rea And ChildMrs. Daniel Rea And Child

Jonathan MountfortJonathan Mountfort

Joseph Brickey (1973, American)


Silent Night

Dear To The Heart Of The Shepherd

A Savior Is Born

Journey To Bethlehem

Daughter of Jairus

Icy Crucibles

Carried By The Covenant

They Did Not Doubt

Family Visit To Liberty Jail

An Obscure Boy