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Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau (1855 – 1931, French)

I Told You So

The Unexpected Surprise

Playing Croquet

The Spanking

Opportunity Makes The Thief

Teasing The Monkey

La répétition générale

Good Friends

title unknown

Mauvaise rencontre

Le jeu de la grenouille
(The Frog Game)

Marrons chauds

The Cunning Thief

A Spiritual Libation

Taquinerie (The Teasing)

Have A Light – The Little Traders

The Sculpture Seller

Le petit journal

A Game of Marbles

title unknown

Le petit boulanger

Teasing The Parrot

Teasing The Parrot

Choirboys In The Sacristy

The Baker Boy

La ginguette en amont de Giverny