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Philippe Noyer (1917 – 1985, French)

Two Children With A PonyTwo Children With A Pony

The Children Of Count de ReisetThe Children Of Count de Reiset

Les petites filles au pianoLes petites filles au piano


Gold EclipseGold Eclipse

White YachtWhite Yacht

The CollectorThe Collector

Admiral Sir Aylmar And FamilyAdmiral Sir Aylmar And Family

Retour de la Reine ElizabethRetour de la Reine Elizabeth

Shepherd With A GoatShepherd With A Goat

A Parisian Boy By The SeineA Parisian Boy By The Seine

Les AnonymesLes Anonymes

A Cannes Street SceneA Cannes Street Scene

Un dimanche, quai BourbonUn dimanche, quai Bourbon

Symphony To A GeraniumSymphony To A Geranium