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George Baxter (1804 – 1867, English)

Little Red Riding Hood

The First Lesson (after S. B. Halle)

Stolen Pleasures

Me Warm Now

Morning Call

A Most Welcome Refreshment – Christmas Time

Copper Your Honour?

Short Change

Measuring Heights

I Don’t Like It!

So Nice!

Children With Musician

The Water Pots

The Benediction

The Holy Family

The Prayer (after Joshua Reynolds)

The Slaves

Owl Flight

The Pedler

The Blackberry Gatherers

The Swing

The Burning Glass

Samuel Baruch Halle (1824 – 1889, German)

The First Lesson

The New Bonnet

A Mother’s Joy

Good Morning Mamma!


A London Flower Girl

The Pretty Dreamer

A Young Girl With A Posy