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Chris Beatrice (American)


Maurice's Valises - The Shepherd BoyMaurice’s Valises – The Shepherd Boy

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

Snow White And Rose RedSnow White And Rose Red

The Enchanted JugThe Enchanted Jug

Jack And The Beanstalk - The Giant KillerJack And The Beanstalk – The Giant Killer

Alice In Wonderland - The CaterpillarAlice In Wonderland – The Caterpillar


George Washington's Spy - CapturedGeorge Washington’s Spy – Captured

Prince Studying ScriptPrince Studying Script

Sun, Moon And TaliaSun, Moon And Talia

The Girl In The Iron ShoesThe Girl In The Iron Shoes

The Secret Of The Old Swing BridgeThe Secret Of The Old Swing Bridge

The Graverobber's SecretThe Graverobber’s Secret

Frog KingFrog King

East Of The Sun And West Of The MoonEast Of The Sun And West Of The Moon

87title unknown

Swamp ThingsSwamp Things

Cider Barrel DeliveryCider Barrel Delivery

The Black Acorn - TravelersThe Black Acorn – Travelers

The Black Acorn - Simon Meets The KnightThe Black Acorn – Simon Meets The Knight

The Black Acorn - Trudging Through The SnowThe Black Acorn – Trudging Through The Snow

The Black Acorn - The Last LeafThe Black Acorn – The Last Leaf

The Selfish GiantThe Selfish Giant

The Selfish Giant - Building The WallThe Selfish Giant – Building The Wall

The Selfish Giant - Caught!The Selfish Giant – Caught!

The Selfish Giant - WoundedThe Selfish Giant – Wounded

The Selfish Giant - DespairThe Selfish Giant – Despair

The Selfish Giant - TransitionThe Selfish Giant – Transition

The Selfish Giant - The Garden BloomsThe Selfish Giant – The Garden Blooms

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Patience Arnold (1901 – 1992, English)





Hansel And GretelHansel And Gretel

Snow White And The WitchSnow White And The Witch

Patience Arnold (English)

Little Polly FindersLittle Polly Finders





John Dickson Batten (1860 – 1932, English)

The FamilyThe Family

Snow Drop And The Seven Little Men (Snow-White And The Seven Dwarfs), 1897Snow Drop And The Seven Little Men
(Snow-White And The Seven Dwarfs)

Yvonne Gilbert (1951, English)

(Part I)

Christmas Journey

Santa On Horse

Per And The Dala Horse

Holy Family

Snow White

The Magic Book

The Sirens

The Wild Swans - Charlotte Triumphant

The Wild Swans - Elisa Bathing

The Holy Family

Three Wise Men

Three Angels

Merlin And Young Arthur

Arthur Pulling The Sword

A Christmas Star Called Hannah

The Night Before Christmas

 (1 – to be continued)

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Ada Dennis (XIX Century, English)

Snow White And The Disguised Queen

Little Red Riding Hood

George Soper (1870 – 1942, English)

Hagar And Ishmael Expelled

Snow White