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Claude Vignon (1593 – 1670, French)

The Young Singer

Young Girl In A White Turban

David With The Head Of Goliath

The Adoration Of The Magi

Christ Washing The Disciples Feet

Christ In The House Of Simon The Pharisee

Esther Before Ahasuerus

Ahasuerus Showing His Treasure To Mordecai

King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba

Scene From The Life Of Saint William Of Aquitaine

The Banquet Of Anthony And Cleopatra


Valentin de Boulogne (1594 – 1632, French)

The Judgment Of Solomon

The Four Ages Of Man

The Concert

A Concert

Company With Fortune Teller

Recognizing Suzanne’s Innocence


Frank Dicksee (1853 – 1928, English)

The Mother

The Daughters Of Eve



The Young Princess

An Infant Saint

Mother And Child

Frederic Henri Schopin (1804 – 1880, French)

The Judgement Of Solomon

Surprising An Arab Family

Allégorie, L’Age d’Or

Paul et Virginie

Gustave Doré (1832 – 1883, French)

Mère et enfant

Les saltimbanques

La Siesta (Memories of Spain)

Jeune mendiante

The Martyrdom Of The Holy Innocents

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

The Children’s Crusade

The Judgment Of Solomon

A Little Fairy Comes At Night…

Ma mère l’Oye

Le loup, la mère et l’enfant

Une vente d’esclaves aux Etats-Unis

Little Thumb

Little Thumb

Dairy Maid and Child


La glissade

Giorgione (1477 – 1510, Italian)

Portrait Of A Youth With A Helmet
(Francesco Maria della Rovere)

The Tempest

The Judgement Of Solomon

The Holy Family

The Reading Madonna

Adoration Of The Christ Child

Holy Conversation

The Adoration Of The Shepherds

The Adoration Of The Magi

Virgin And Child In A Landscape

Madonna and Child Enthroned Between St. Francis and St. Liberalis

The Virgin and Child With St. Anthony of Padua and Roch

Moses Undergoing Trial By Fire

Jean-Baptiste Wicar (1762 – 1834, French)

Louis Bonaparte (King of Holland)
And Louis Napoléon (Crown Prince of Holland, future Napoléon III)

Queen Julie Bonaparte (Queen of Spain)
And Her Daughters (Charlotte and Zénaide)

Zénaide Bonaparte

The Judgement Of Solomon

title unknown

Head Of A Young Man

Femme pinçant le luth

Portrait de jeune homme