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Jules Scalbert (1851 – 1928, French)

Hommage à Louis Pasteur

The Three Ages

The Nest

The Three Graces Dancing With A Faun

Douces paroles

Louis Jean François Lagrenée (1725 – 1805, French)

L’Amour des Arts console la Peinture

The Education Of The Virgin

Joséphine, fille de Bergeret de Grancourt, touchant le piano-forteJoséphine, fille de Bergeret de Grancourt, touchant le piano-forte

Moses Saved From The WatersMoses Saved From The Waters

The Indulgent MotherThe  Indulgent Mother

Happy Old AgeHappy Old Age

The Death Of Darius Wife

Ceres Teaching Agriculture

Pygmalion And Galatea

Rinaldo and Armida

The Bath of Venus

Venus Teaching Cupid To Read

The Union Of Painting And Sculpture

Penelope Reading A Letter From Odysseus

Holy Family

The Judgment Of Paris

Cupid Blindfolded By Venus

Kindness And Generosity


Charity 2Charity

The Three Graces Teased By Loves

Justice Disarmed By Innocence And Applauded By Prudence

Erasmus Quellinus (1607 – 1678, Belgian)

Portrait Of A Young Boy

Cupid On A Dolphin

Love Asleep

Volumnia With Her Sons Before Coriolanus

Coriolanus Begged To Spare Rome

The Magnanimity Of Scipio

The Infant Pyrrhus At The Court Of Glaucias, King Of The Illyrians

The Vision of St. Francis Xavier

The Rest On The Flight Into Egypt

The Holy Family With Saint Anne

Madonna, Saint Hubert And Saint Nicholas

The Madonna And Child With Infant Saint John the Baptist

The Virgin With The Child And Saint John

Thetis Dips Achilles In A Vase With Water From the Styx

The Triumph Of Minerva With The Three Graces


Madonna and Child