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Nikolai Kornilievich Bodarevsky (1850 – 1921, Russian)

Girl From Little Russia

Deep In The Forest

Ukrainian Girl Tending Geese


Young Girl With Cat

Portrait Of A Girl With Roses

Maria Izquierdo (1902 – 1955, Mexican)

Retrato y ninos

Mi tia, mi amiguita y yo

Valdemar Heinrich Nicolaus Irminger (1850 – 1938, Danish)

Children Saying Goodnight To Their Stars

Amor In The Lion Pit

Amor And The Lion

William Charles Thomas Dobson (1817 – 1898, English)

Christmas Roses

An Olives Bundle

The Drinking Fountain

The Holy Innocents

Wild Flowers

The Child Jesus Going Down With His Parents To Nazareth

David Teaching The Children Of Judah The Use Of The Bow

title unknown

The Golden AgeThe Golden Age

Babes In The Wood

The Prosperous Days Of Job

The Alms Deeds Of Dorcas

Charity Of The Church

Sandu Liberman (1923 – 1977, Romanian)

Young Mother And Child

A Smiling Boy

Father And Child

Mother And Daughter


Young Girl

Young Girl

Girl With Shawl


Child Playing

8 Year Old Girl And Guardian Angel


Two Boys

Berthold Woltze (1829 – 1896, German)

Hide And Seek

Peder Mork Monsted (1859 – 1941, Danish)

Feeding The Calf

title unknown