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Frederick Daniel Hardy (1826 – 1911, English)

(Part II)

An Anxious Time

Posting A Letter

The Dismayed Artist

Try This Pair

Preserving Jam

The Volunteers

The Foreign Guest

Child Delights

An Interesting Story

The Gladdened Hearth

Preparing For Dinner

Baby’s Birthday – The First Birthday Party

Winter Fuel

The Three Orphans

The Piano Tuner

The Wedding Breakfast

The Staircase

The Solo

(See also: Part I)

Frederick Daniel Hardy (1826 – 1911, English)

young-photographersThe Young Photographers

ready-for-bedReady For Bed

playing-a-doctorPlaying A Doctor

the-first-sewing-lessonThe First Sewing Lesson

a-festive-treatA Festive Treat

a-kiss-goodnightKiss Goodnight

early-sorrowEarly Sorrow

First Born

The Second Born

Mother With Two Children

Hot Cross Buns

Christmas Visitors Stirring The Pudding

Sealing A Letter

Mother And Child

Christmas Visitors

The Dame’s School

The Tinderbox



Paid Off

The Artist’s Visit

The Pet Lamb


The Chimney Sweep