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Richard Borrmeister (1876 – 1938, German)

Little Girl Watching A RobinLittle Girl Watching A Robin

Children In The SnowChildren In The Snow

Children Kissing On The CheekChildren Kissing On The Cheek

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

Children Playing Hide And SeekChildren Playing Hide And Seek

Girl With Flowers Dressed In Winter ClothesGirl With Flowers Dressed In Winter Clothes

Young Mother Breastfeeding Her ChildYoung Mother Breastfeeding Her Child

Smoking Students Following GirlsSmoking Students Following Girls

Greedy MouthsGreedy Mouths

Twin GirlsTwin Girls

Boy And Girl  Having A DrinkBoy And Girl  Having A Drink

Small Child Running To His MotherSmall Child Running To His Mother

Reaching OutReaching Out

Putting A Rose In Her HairPutting A Rose In Her Hair

Girl With GoatGirl With Goat

Child With KittenChild With Kitten

Boy In Sailor OutfitBoy In Sailor Outfit

Girl In Sailor OutfitGirl In Sailor Outfit

Little Boy With A StorkLittle Boy With A Stork


Allegory Of SpringAllegory Of Spring