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Hugh Cameron (1835 – 1918, Scottish)

The ToiletThe Toilet

A Girl SewingA Girl Sewing

His Mother's JoyHis Mother’s Joy

The Spinning LessonThe Spinning Lesson

A Mackerel FisherA Mackerel Fisher

Children BoatingChildren Boating

The Timid BatherThe Timid Bather

The Village WellThe Village Well

Mother's HelpMother’s Help

Head Of A GirlHead Of A Girl

Stepping StonesStepping Stones

A Summer IdyllA Summer Idyll

The KittenThe Kitten

Home From The WellHome From The Well

Youth's Bright Sunny DayYouth’s Bright Sunny Day

The Go-CartThe Go-Cart

Sailing The Toy BoatSailing The Toy Boat

The Pet LambThe Pet Lamb

Gathering DriftwoodGathering Driftwood

Dropping A StitchDropping A Stitch

The Bait GatherersThe Bait Gatherers

Girl And BasketGirl And Basket

Playing In The Waves - By The SeasidePlaying In The Waves – By The Seaside

Party TricksParty Tricks

Study Of A Girl In A Pink DressStudy Of A Girl In A Pink Dress

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Hugh Cameron (1835 – 1918, Scottish)

Buttercups And DaisiesButtercups And Daisies

The Little HousewifeThe Little Housewife


The Light Of The FiresideThe Light Of The Fireside

The Funeral Of A Little Girl On The RivieraThe Funeral Of A Little Girl On The Riviera

The Italian Image SellerThe Italian Image Seller


The Skipping RopeThe Skipping Rope

The Highlanders' FarewellThe Highlanders’ Farewell

Going VisitingGoing Visiting

Homewards With MotherHomewards With Mother

Crossing The BridgeCrossing The Bridge

Portrait Of A GirlPortrait Of A Girl

Head Of A Girl 2Head Of A Girl

On The RivieraOn The Riviera

Awaiting The ReturnAwaiting The Return

Waiting For The WaveWaiting For The Wave

The Timid Bather - By The SeasideThe Timid Bather – By The Seaside

Caller Air, Largo BayCaller Air, Largo Bay

Summer PleasuresSummer Pleasures

The Careful SisterThe Careful Sister

New TricksNew Tricks

Grandfather's Little HelperGrandfather’s Little Helper



Mother And ChildMother And Child

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