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Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part VIII)

Auguste Reading To Her Daughter

Sleepy Baby

Little Ann Sucking Her Finger – Mother And Child

Ellen Mary Cassatt In A White Coat

Ellen Mary Cassatt With A Large Bow In Her Hair

Mother And Child

Mother And Two Children


Mrs Cassatt Reading To Her Grandchildren

The Boating Party

The Child’s Bath

The Kiss

The Horse Chestnut

Little Girl In A Large Red Hat

Child With A Red Hat

Marie Therese Gaillard

Picking Daisies In A Field

Bust Of Ellen With Bows In Her Hair

Ellen Mary Cassatt

Ellen Mary Cassatt In A Big Blue Hat (sketch)

A Baby Smiling At Two Young Women

Mother In Profile With Baby Cheek To Cheek

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Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part VII)

The Bath

Reine Lefebvre Holding A Nude Baby

Child In A Straw Hat – Little Girl In A Big Straw Hat

Louise Nursing Her Child

Baby’s First Caress

The Sailor Boy, Gardener Cassatt

Child In Orange Dress

Reine Lefebvre And Margot Before A Window

Maternal Caress

Mother And Child

The Barefoot Child

Mother’s Goodnight Kiss

Nurse And Child

Peasant Mother And Child

Women Admiring A Child


Mother Louise Holding Up Her Blue Eyed Child

Mother Looking Down At Thomas (sketch)

Mother And Child

Reine Leaning Over Margot’s Shoulder

Baby Bill

Baby Bill In Cap And Shift

Head Of Margot

Margot Wearing A Bonnet

(7 – to be continued)

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Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part VI)

Young Mother Sewing

Maternal Kiss

Young Girls

Margot In Blue

Young Thomas And His Mother

Nude Baby On Mother’s Lap

Mother And Child

Margot In White

In The Park

Master Robert Kelso Cassatt

At The Window

Child Drinking Milk

Margot In A Dark Red Costume

Mother Jeanne Nursing Her Baby

Mother And Child Before A Pool

The Sisters

Gathering Fruit

Jenny And Her Sleepy Child

Mother Playing With Her Child

Woman And Child Seated In A Garden

Girl’s Head

Margot Lux With A Large Hat

Margot In Big Bonnet And Red Dress

Woman With A Nude Boy At Her Side

(6 – to be continued)

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Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part V)

Mother Berthe Holding Her Baby – The Young Mother

Young Mother And Two Children

Elsie In A Blue Chair

Baby Smiling Up At Her Mother

In The Omnibus

Nurse Reading To A Little Girl

Bathing The Young Heir

Mother And Child

Charles Dikran Kelekian At Age 12

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Mother And Child

Mrs. Havemeyer And Her Daughter Electra

Mother And Children

Mother And Child

Agatha And Her Child

En Bateau

Alexander J. Cassatt And His Son Robert Kelso Cassatt

Master St. Pierre

Woman And Child In The Driving Seat

Sara In Dark Bonnet

Mother Holding Sara’s Chin

Sara In A Bonnet

Head Of Sara In A Bonnet Looking Left

(5 – to be continued)

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Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part IV)

The Mirror

Sleepy Thomas Sucking His Thumb

Mother And Child

A Kiss For Baby Anne

Sara And Her Dog

Sara With Her Dog

Young Boy In Blue

Mother And Child In A Boat

Mother Combing Her Child’s Hair

Children Playing With A Cat

The Swim – Two Mothers And Their Children On A Boat

A Kiss For Baby Anne


The Child’s Caress

Dorothy In A Very Large Bonnet

Mother And Child

Nude Child

Mother And Daughter Looking At The Baby

Mother And Child

Mother’s Combing Sara’s Hair

Mother’s Combing Sara’s Hair

The Barefoot Child

Little Girl In A Red Beret

Les coquelicots

(4 – to be continued)

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Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part III)

The Caress

Sara Handing A Toy To The Baby

Children Playing On The Beach

The Family


Mother And Sara Admiring The Baby

Mother About To Wash Her Sleepy Child – The Child’s Bath

The Garden Reading

Baby In His Mother’s Arms, Sucking His Finger

Maternal Tenderness

Mother Holding Her Baby

In The Garden

Sara Looking Towards The Right

Mother Rose Nursing Her Child

Robert And His Sailboat

Susan Comforting The Baby

Head Of A Young Girl

Sara In Dark Bonnet Tied Under Her Chin

Woman And Child

Head Of A Young Girl

Head Of Adele

On The Water

(3 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I and Part II)

Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926, American)

(Part II)

Jules Being Dried By His Mother

Jules Standing By His Mother

Sara In A Green Bonnet

Mother, Sara And The Baby

Sara And Her Mother With The Baby

Mother Holding A Child In Her Arms

Sara Holding A Cat

Little Girl In A Blue Armchair

Baby Reaching For An Apple – Child Picking Fruit

Mathilde Holding A Baby Who Reaches Out

Margaret Milligan Sloan

Breakfast In Bed

Simone In A White Bonnet

Simone In A White Bonnet

Susan Seated Outdoors

Woman And Her Child

Little Girl With A Japanese Doll

Child On A Sofa, Miss Lucie Berard

Feeding The Ducks

Head Of A Child

Mother And Child Smiling At Each Other

Portrait Of A Young Girl (Simone)

Margaret Milligan Sloan

Young Girl With Brown Hair

(2 – to be continued)

(see also: Part I)