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Christian Klaus (1843 – 1893, German)

The CongratulationThe Congratulation

Caged LoveCaged Love


Charlotte J. Weeks (XIX Century, English)

A Young Girl ReadingA Young Girl Reading

Evening PrayersEvening Prayers

Young Girl Wearing A BonnetYoung Girl Wearing A Bonnet

Anna Nordgren (1847 – 1916, Swedish)


Feeding The ChildFeeding The Child

Rustic Interior With Boy Reading By The FireplaceRustic Interior With Boy Reading By The Fireplace

Two Girls At The WaterfrontTwo Girls At The Waterfront

Dutch Girl In The GardenDutch Girl In The Garden

Little IndustryLittle Industry

1351-001title unknown

Little Moses In The BasketLittle Moses In The Basket

Head Of A GirlHead Of A Girl

Giovanni Iudice (1970, Italian)

ClandestiniClandestini (Illegal Immigrants)

Famiglia clandestinaFamiglia clandestina (Illegal Family)

BagnantiBagnanti (Bathers)

Vincenzino sulla terrazzaVincenzino sulla terrazza
(Vincenzino On The Terrace)

Ragazzi sul moloRagazzi sul molo (Boys On The Pier)

SpiaggiaSpiaggia (The Beach)

Spiaggia - Donna con celluliteSpiaggia – Donna con cellulite
(The Beach – Woman With Cellulite)


(Giovanni Iudice official site)

Hugh Collins (1834 – 1896, English)

A Mother And ChildA Mother And Child

title unknowntitle unknown

Blowing BubblesBlowing Bubbles

Granny's Letter WriterGranny’s Letter Writer

 Officer's FarewellOfficer’s Farewell

Examination DayExamination Day

Searching For The DeserterSearching For The Deserter

The Village MusiciansThe Village Musicians

Home From SeaHome From Sea

Boys BathingBoys Bathing

The Spinner's Family - The Latest NewsThe Spinner’s Family – The Latest News

Dimitrie Serafim (1862 – 1931, Romanian)

The Evening StoryThe Evening Story

Lesson For SchoolLesson For School


Portrait Of A GirlPortrait Of A Girl

Charles Christian Nahl (1818 – 1878, German-born American)

Portrait Of A Girl With DogPortrait Of A Girl With Dog

Boy With A DogBoy With A Dog

Portrait Of Miss Adele MerchantPortrait Of Miss Adele Merchant

Visit To GrandpaVisit To Grandpa

Little Miss San FranciscoLittle Miss San Francisco

The Indian CampThe Indian Camp

Crossing The PlainsCrossing The Plains

A Young Girl With CatA Young Girl With Cat

A Child In A White DressA Child In A White Dress

163title unknown

And A Little Child Shall Lead ThemAnd A Little Child Shall Lead Them