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Peter Paul Rubens (1577 – 1640, Flemish)

Portrait Of A Young Girl (Clara Serena Rubens)

Deborah Kip And Her Children

Portrait Of Hélène Fourment And Her Son Frans

Hélène Fourment With Two Of Her Children

Rubens, His Wife Hélène Fourment And Their Son Peter Paul

Albert And Nicolaas Rubens

Night Scene

Old Woman With A Basket Of Coal

Eleonora GonzagaEleonora Gonzaga

Vincenzo II GonzagaVincenzo II Gonzaga

Sketch Of One Of His DaughtersSketch Of One Of His Daughters

Old Lady With Young GirlOld Lady With Young Girl

Préparatifs du roi pour la guerre d'Allemagne - La remise de la régence à la reine, le 20 mars 1610Préparatifs du roi pour la guerre d’Allemagne –
La remise de la régence à la reine, le 20 mars 1610

A Dead Child Carried To Heaven By AngelsA Dead Child Carried To Heaven By Angels

Erichthonius Discovered By The Daughters Of CecropsErichthonius Discovered By The Daughters Of Cecrops

The Massacre Of The InnocentsThe Massacre Of The Innocents

The Feast Of HerodThe Feast Of Herod

The Reconciliation Of Jakob And EsauThe Reconciliation Of Jakob And Esau

The Holy Family With Saint AnnThe  Holy Family With Saint Anne

The Holy Family With Saint Elizabeth And John The BaptistThe  Holy Family With Saint Elizabeth And John The Baptist

The Virgin And Child With St.Elizabeth And The Infant BaptistThe  Virgin And Child With St.Elizabeth And The Infant Baptist

Mars And Rhea Silvia

Romulus And Remus

Boy With Bird

Nicolaas Rubens With Coral Necklace

Saturn Devours One Of His Sons

George Henry Boughton (1833 – 1905, English-born American)

Portrait Of Esmé Robbe

A Resting Place

The Music Lesson

Party For New Year’s Day In New Amsterdam

Autumn Along The Sea

Pilgrims Going To Church

Max Slevogt (1868 – 1932, German)

Kinder im Wald

Slevogt’s Family In The Garden

Family Of Artist Janos Plesch

Pierre Oliver Joseph Coomans (1816 – 1889, Belgian)

A Warm Exchange

The Last Hour Of Pompei

An Afternoon’s Amusement

A Classical Concert

Feeding The Turtle

The Children’s Quarrel

The Harp Player

Difficult To Choose

A Family Scene In Pompeii

Her Favourite Pet

The Farewell

The Mask

Sappho At Mitylene

The Old Doll

title unknown

Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema (1852 – 1909, English)



With A Babe In The Woods

Gathering Pansies

title unknown

A Carol

Nothing Venture, Nothing Have

In Good Hands


Anthony van Dyck (1599 – 1641, Flemish)

The Five Children Of King Charles I

Children Of Charles I

Charles I And Queen Henrietta Maria
With Charles Prince Of Wales And Princess Mary

Prince Of Wales, Future Charles II, King Of England

Princess Mary Stuart And Prince William Of Orange, Future William III

Family Portrait

Portrait Of Philadelphia And Elizabeth Wharton

George Villiers, 2nd Duke Of Buckingham,
And His Brother Lord Francis Villiers

Paola Adorno With Her Son

Marie Clarisse With Her Child

The Wife And Daughter Of Colyn de Nole

Prince Rupert von der Pfalz

Thomas Howard With His Grandson Lord Maltravers

Lady Elizabeth Thimbleby And Dorothy Viscountess Andover

Portrait Of Family Lomellini

Filippo Cattaneo, Son Of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi

Clelia Cattaneo, Daughter Of Marchesa Elena Grimaldi

Susanna Fourment And Her Daughter


Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (1868 – 1907, Italian)


Speranze deluse

Il Quarto Stato