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Robert Vickrey (1926 – 2001, American)


Homage To Chardin

Alexandra’s Sparkler

Lacy’s Sparkler

Haloes and Balloons

Kim’s Jack-o-Lantern


Sean At The Window

The Poet

Girl With Balloon

Jessica’s Flock

Lacy’s Reverie

title unknown

title unknown

Tyger! Tyger!

title unknown

The Wall

The Last Look

Alana’s Geometry

title unknown

Street Surfer


Long, Long Shadows

Cathy’s Balloons

Midwinter Dream

Harbingers Of Spring

Skipping Rope

Lines, Lines

Wooden Boat

Clam’s Eye View

Yellow Chalk Flowers

Girl With Braids

The Cat

Sean’s Boat House

title unknown


Girl Blowing Bubbles