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Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American)

(Part IV)

July 4th

Our Patriotic Party July 4

Making Faces

Boy And Girl At Candy Counter

Three Is Company

Yankee Doodle

Household Magazine illustration

Kids On Carousel

Bobbing For Apples

You Can Be The Water Boy

Hunter Boy And His Dog

Newsboy Child With Dog


Boo, Who Used To Be Afraid Of The Dark

Sleeping Baby

The Farmer’s Wife

Two Children Carving Pumpkin

Santa Claus

Little Busybodies

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Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American)

(Part III)

Down, But Not Out

First Pair Of Pants

Sleepy Baby

The Baby Sitter

Boys In Principal’s Office – School Fight

Our St. Patrick’s Day Party

Girl And Boy On School Steps – Helping With Homework

Girl Roller Skating

Fishing Boy

The Children’s Party

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

Birthday Kiss

title unknown

Kids Riding Trolley

title unknown

The Bubble Fairies

Hershey’s Favorite Recipes

When Day Is Done

Santa Claus & Children

Remembrance Of Things To Come

(3 – to be continued)

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Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American)

(Part II)

A Starry Night

In A Tough Spot

Choir Boys Will Be Boys

Dog Show

Friends Indeed

Growing Up Too Fast

Life Guard

Parting Of The Ways

Anxious Moments

Come Out And Play

Our Birthday Party

People’s Home Journal cover

Washington’s Birthday Party

Little Guy With Lollipop

New Woolies – Little Boy And Winter Underwear

Starting Right With Ticonderoga

No Girls Allowed

The Baby Peggy Paper Doll

The Birthday Bike – For A Good Boy

Ralston Wheat Hot Cereal advertisement

(2 – to be continued)

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Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American)

(Part I)

Here Boy! – Young Girl Calling For Her Dog

Girl And Boy At Soda Fountain – No Money For Her Soda

A Boy And His Dog

Little Red Riding Hood

I Want To Be Like Lincoln

In Front Of The Class

Little Girls At Party

Spring Pageant

Trouble Brewing

Shucks Here, Comes Mom

Report Card

Valentine’s Day

The Difference Between Day And Night

Bringing Their Dog To The Doctor

Liberty cover

A Helping Hand

First Date

title unknown

Prophylactic Brush

Your Dad’s Got Bad Breath!

(1 – to be continued)