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Richard Redgrave (1804 – 1888, English)

The OutcastThe Outcast

The Emigrant's Last Sight Of HomeThe Emigrant’s Last Sight Of Home

Country CousinsCountry Cousins

Starting For The ChristeningStarting For The Christening

The Deserter's HomeThe Deserter’s Home

Cinderella About To Try On The Glass SlipperCinderella About To Try On The Glass Slipper

Parkhurst WoodsParkhurst Woods

The Children In The WoodThe Children In The Wood

Strayed LambsStrayed Lambs

The Lost PathThe Lost Path

Young Lady BountifulYoung Lady Bountiful

Babes In The WoodBabes In The Wood

Sunday Morning - The Walk From ChurchSunday Morning – The Walk From Church

The Valleys Stand Thick With CornThe Valleys Stand Thick With Corn