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Alfredo Rodriguez (1954, American)

(Part III)

Little Red Flower

Falling Asleep

Music in The Canyon

Riding With the Chief

Home School

One At A Time

Rhapsody In Pink And Blue

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Preserving Tradition

At The Rose Garden

Prairie Girl


Sign Talk

Herding in the Canyon

Naranjas, Naranjas

I’m Cold Mommy

Making the Navajo Tortilla

Little White Dove

(See also: Part I and Part II)

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Alfredo Rodriguez (1954, American)

(Part II)

Our Father

Afternoon Wading

Daddy’s Girl

Shawntay’s Friend

Little Blossom

When Grandfather Speaks

The New Arrival

First Steps

The Yellow Rose

Excitement At The Navajo Horse Race

Little Sioux

The Big Apple

Three Generations

On Top Of The World

Girls Glee Club

Un Besito

Sunshine Before the Rain

The Water Hole

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)

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Alfredo Rodriguez (1954, American)

(Part I)

Golden Flowers

Two Little Dolls

Her New Necklace

Visiting Grandma

Teddy Bears And Day Dreams

Una Flor entre las Flores

Lazy Afternoon

The Shy One

A Big Step

Target Practice

Always Friends

Mother’s Day

At The Playground

Saying Grace

The Wind Beneath Her Wings

It’s Getting Cold

Playing With The Puppy

A Look Beyond

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

(1 – to be continued)

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