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Tiziano (1488 – 1576, Italian)

Portrait Of Ranuccio Farnese

Portrait Of A Lady And Her Daughter

Clarissa Strozzi

Alfonso d’Avalos Addressing His Troops

The Vendramin Family

David and Goliath

The Three Ages Of Man

Miracle Of The Newborn Child

The Gypsy Madonna

Madonna and Child With St.Catherine And A Rabbit

Madonna Of The Cherries

The Virgin and Child With Four Saints

The Madonna And Child With Saints Luke and Catherine

Madonna and Child With Mary Magdalene

Madonna and Child In An Evening Landscape

Allegory Of The Battle of Lepanto

The Worship Of Venus

Venus With A Mirror

Venus And Cupid With An Organist

Venus Blindfolding Cupid

Bacchus and Ariadne


Sacred And Profane Love

Cupid With The Wheel of Fortune