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Alexey Venetsianov (1780 – 1847, Russian)

Girl In A Shawl

Girl In A Checkered Shawl

Girl With A Calf


Peasant Girl With Milk

Peasant Boy Putting On Sandals

Oh! Father’s Dinner!

Wet-Nurse With A Child

Panaevs Children


title unknown

Nastenka Khvasskaya

A. A. Venetsianova

Shelling Of Beet

In The Ploughed Field, Spring

First Steps

Boy In Red Skirt

K.I.Golovachevsky And The Younger Pupils Of The Academy

Girl With Milk


Peasant Girl Sewing

Peasant Children

Peasant Woman With Child

Two Peasant Boys With Kite

Girl With A Calf

Peasant Girl With A Sickle In The Rye

A. Putyatin