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Franz von Lenbach (1836 – 1904, German)

Marion Lenbach (The Artist's Daughter)

Marion With Cat

Marion Lenbach

Peggy Guggenheim

Gabriele Lenbach In Armor

Portrait Of Himself, His Wife Lolo And His Daughters Marion And Gabriele

Ernst von Schanzenbach

Katia Pringsheim, later Thomas Mann's Wife

Young Boy In The Sun

Bavarian Peasant Girl

Lolo von Lenbach With Her Daughters Marion And Gabriele

Clementine Schon-Renz With Daughter

Estelle Guturling

The Triumphal Arch of Titus in Rome

Marion Lenbach And Unknown Girl (possibly the daughter of painter Nikolaus Gysis)

A Shepherd Boy

Portrait Of Daughter Marion

Young Girl, thought to be the artist's daughter Gabriele

Little Girl With Cat

Marion Lenbach

Gabriele von Lenbach

Portrait Of Daughter Marion, Aged 4

Portrait Of A Girl

Girl with a Fan