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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919, French)

Therese BerardTherese Berard

Motherhood - Woman Breast Feeding Her ChildMotherhood – Woman Breast Feeding Her Child

Children's Afternoon At WargemontChildren’s Afternoon At Wargemont


The White Pierrot - Jean RenoirThe White Pierrot – Jean Renoir

Georgette Charpentier SeatedGeorgette Charpentier Seated

Girl With A CatGirl With A Cat

Le Jardin du LuxembourgLe Jardin du Luxembourg

The Children Of Martial CaillebotteThe Children Of Martial Caillebotte

Two Girls Reading In A GardenTwo Girls Reading In A Garden

Two Young Girls ReadingTwo Young Girls Reading

Two SistersTwo Sisters

Girl With FalconGirl With Falcon

Seated Child In A Blue DressSeated Child In A Blue Dress

Jean Renoir SewingJean Renoir Sewing

Jeanne Durand-RuelJeanne Durand-Ruel


Pierre Renoir In A Sailor Suit 2Pierre Renoir In A Sailor Suit

Pierre Renoir In A Sailor SuitPierre Renoir In A Sailor Suit

Coco And FlowersCoco And Flowers

Aline And PierreAline And Pierre

Head Of A Young GirlHead Of A Young Girl

Seated Little Girl With A Blue BackgroundSeated Little Girl With A Blue Background

Paul MeunierPaul Meunier

The Little Algerian GirlThe Little Algerian Girl

Child With Punch DollChild With Punch Doll

Smiling Young GirlSmiling Young Girl

Young Girl ReadingYoung Girl Reading

Portrait Of ClaudePortrait Of Claude

Coco ecrivantCoco ecrivant

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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919, French)

Romaine Lascaux

A Girl With A Watering Can

Girl With A Hoop (Marie Goujon)

Young Girl With Parasol (Aline Nunes)

Child With A Hoop – Jean Renoir


Guitar Lesson

Coco Holding A Orange

Little Girl With A Spray Of Flowers – Little Girl Gleaning – Girl With Spikes

Gabrielle And Jean

Margot Berard

Claude Renoir

Head Of A Child (Edmond Renoir)

Mussel Fishers At Berneval

A Morning Ride In The Bois de Boulogne

Yvonne And Jean

Girl Reading

Young Girl Reading

Paul Haviland

Little Girl With A Red Hair Knot

Portrait Of A Young Girl

The Little Reader – Little Girl In Blue

The Promenade – Julienne Dubanc And Adrienne

Mother And Child

Jean Renoir Writing

Woman And Child

Marie-Louise Durand-Ruel

Portrait Of A Boy (Jean Pascalis)

Portrait Of Pierre

Portrait Of A Child

Study Of A Young Girl – Mademoiselle Murer

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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919, French)

(Part III)

Little Girl In A White Apron – Portrait Of Lucie Berard

Mademoiselle Grimprel In A Blue Ribbon

Mademoiselle Legrand

Child With A Whip

Jean Renoir As A Hunter

Sailor Boy –
Young Boy On The Beach Of Yport (Robert Nunes)

A Boy With A Cat

Girl With A Red Hair Ribbon

The Alphabet – Jean And Gabrielle

Claude Renoir Playing

Jean Drawing

Young Girl In A Blue Hat

Camille Monet And Her Son Jean In The Garden At Argenteuil

title unknown

Jeanne Sisley

Fernand Halphen As A Boy

Lucie Berard (Child In White)

Portrait d’enfant

The First Step

Motherhood – Child With A Biscuit

Portrait Of A Little Girl

Young Girl Reading

Coco In A Red Ribbon

Portrait Of A Girl

Girl With A Dog

Portrait Of Coco

Young Boy By The River

The Conversation

Young Girls By The Water

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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919, French)

(Part II)

Girls At The Piano

Pink And Blue –
Mademoiselles Alice And Elisabeth Cahen d’Anvers

La lecture

Leontine And Coco

Young Mother

The Family Of The Artist

The Little School Boy

Breakfast At Berneval

Marthe Berard – Girl Wearing A Blue Sash

Madame Duberville With Her Son Henri

Claude Renoir Painting

Gabrielle, Jean And A Little Girl

Mother and Child

Children On The Beach Of Guernesey

Madame Renoir And Her Son Pierre

Two Little Girls

Jean Renoir

Woman And Child

Philippe Gangnat

Elizabeth Maitre – Portrait Of A Young Girl

Mademoiselle Georgette Charpentier

The Writing Lesson

Gypsy Girl

Portrait Of An Infant

Young Girl In A Red Hat

Girl With Brown Hair

Portrait Of Jean Renoir

Nude Boys On The Rocks At Guernsey

Young Girls By The Sea

The Apple Seller

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Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919, French)

(Part I)

Claude Renoir In Clown Costume

The Piano Lesson

Claude And Renée

Julie Manet With Cat

The Daughters of Catulle Mendès

Two Sisters – On The Terrace

Acrobats At The Cirque Fernando
(Francisca And Angelina Wartenberg, 17 and 14 Years Old)

The Bohemian – In The Summer

Irene Cahen d’Anvers – Little Irene

Madame Georges Charpentier And Her Children, Georgette And Paul

The Reading

Madame Thurneyssan And Her Daughter

Mother And Child

Jean Renoir

Gabrielle Renard And The Artist’s Son, Jean

Jean Renoir With Gabrielle And Her Child

Party In The Country At Berneval

The Little Fishergirl

Portrait Of A Young Girl

Young Gypsy Girls

Claude Renoir

Claude Renoir Playing With Dominos

The Lesson

Young Girl In A Hat Decorated With Wildflowers

Two Little Girls On The Beach

The Swing

Lucien Daudet

Portrait Of A Kid In A Beret

Georgette Charpentier Standing

Paul Charpentier

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