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Lynn Lupetti (1938, American)

(Part II)

Song Of The Sea

The Lionhearted

The Innocent Architect

The Wish

The Toymaker's Son

Lords Of The Moon


A Higher Purpose

title unknown

Oberon's Gift

The Piper

Dream Weavers

The Enchanted Knight

Rush Hour - Quimili, Argentina

Little Brother - El Colorado, Argentina

Gold Eyes - Old Delhi, India

Mission Child

 (See also: Part I)

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Lynn Lupetti (1938, American)

Kiss Of The Faerie

Voyage Of Light

My Tea Bear


Christmas Dream

The Source

Mirror Of Dreams

The Secret Rendezvous

Mother And Child, Old Delhi, India

Young Girl - Old Delhi, India

The Dragon Tamer

Hush Of Dawn

Enchanted Forest

The Young Virtuoso

Cupid's Magic Spell

The Hatching


The Little Shepherd

 (1 – to be continued)

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