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Jean Joseph Vaudechamp (1790 – 1866, French)

Portrait Of Two Children

Tong Luo (1969, Chinese-born Canadian)

(Part I)

Snow Valley

Lonely Day

Shepherdess And Her Flock

Cold Season

Homeward Bound

Nice Day

Autumn Light

Chai Dan In The Doorway

Afternoon Light

Mongolian Girl

Qin Hai

title unknown


Little Brother

Mother And Child

The Water Bearer

title unknown

title unknown

Lighting The Butter Lamp

Boy From The Highland

Zha Xi

(1 – to be continued)

Malva Schalek (1882 – 1944, Czech)

As a Jew, Malva Schalek was deported to Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1942. Because of her refusal to portray a collaborationist doctor,
on May 1944 she was deported to Auschwitz, where she died.

Girl With Doll

Girl With Blue Bow And Blue Eyes

Young Girl

Young Boy (portrayed in Theresienstadt)

Andrew Wyeth (1917 – 2009, American)



Alfred Stevens (1823 – 1906, Belgian)

All Happiness – Family Scene

Jeune femme lisant

Le sommeil de l’enfant

Mère et ses enfants

L’enfant à la poupée

The Contended Mother

La Baronne de Bonhome

Mrs. Elizabeth Young Mitchell And Her Baby

La fillette au canard

Mother And Baby

L’Amour et l’Hymenée

The Widow

Smadar Katz (1959, Israeli)


Belgian Kids In Ancient Village

Jerusalem Girls

(Smadar Katz official site)

Delphin Enjolras (1857 – 1945, French)

La leçon de chant