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Paul Seignac (1826 – 1904, French)

(Part II)

A Moment Of Tenderness

Roasting Chestnuts

Learning To Count

Mother’s Little Helper

Le nouveau decor

Fed Cherries

Cherries Ripe

Bounty Of The Season

Getting Dressed

Helping Little Sister

The Print Seller

Share & Share Alike

A Comforting Moment

New Shoes

Preparing Dessert

The Spring Garland

Mother And Child In A Cottage Interior

Young Amateurs

The Broken Dish

(See also: Part I)

Paul Seignac (1826 – 1904, French)

The Reading Lesson

Christmas Morning

The Cider Mill

Motherly Joy

The Favourite Pet

Picking Cherries

Sorting Cherries (Dividing The Spoils)

Helping Hands

The Young Nursemaid


The Young Cook

The Performance

The Performance

Little Helpers

Preparing The Bread

A Comforting Word

The Wounded Finger

Motherly Reprimand

The Bird

Young Girl Feeding A Toddler

Decorating The Tree

Interior With Children

Interior With Woman Teaching Two Children

Grab Bag