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Elizabeth Adela Forbes (1859 – 1912, Canadian-born English)

A May EveningA May Evening

The Pied Piper Of HamelinThe Pied Piper Of Hamelin

School Is OutSchool Is Out


Blackberry GatherersBlackberry Gatherers


Elizabeth A. S. Forbes - The Christmas TreeThe Christmas Tree

 The MinuetThe Minuet

A Woman And Child In A Hay FieldA Woman And Child In A Hay Field

By Mounts BayBy Mounts Bay


The SistersThe Sisters

Dorothy n2Dorothy

House Of CardsHouse Of Cards

William John Hennessy (1839 – 1917, Irish)

The_Dandelion_ClockThe Dandelion Clock

The Return From School, CalvadosThe Return From School, Calvados

Henry Brown Fuller (1867 – 1934, American)


Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev (1886 – 1939, Russian)

Portrait de la belle-fille de Maxim GorkiPortrait de la belle-fille de Maxim Gorki

Gyula Benczur (1844 – 1920, Hungarian)

Summer PicnicSummer Picnic

Mes enfantsMes enfants

Nguyen Dinh Dang (1958, Vietnamese)

The Birth Of A New Star

The Florentine Dance

The ThresholdThe Threshold

Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse

The Jewel BeetleThe Jewel Beetle

Colette Calascione (1971, American)

The Love LetterThe Love Letter

Girl With MonkeyGirl With Monkey


Bee BoyBee Boy