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Martin Drolling (1752 – 1817, French)

The Artist's Son, Michel Martin Drolling, As A Drummer Boy

His Favorite Pet

Interior Of A Kitchen

Painting And Music (Portrait Of The Artist's Son)

Alms To The Poor

The Little Milk Girl

The Woman And The Mouse

The Pedlar

The Artist's Sons Talking By The Fireplace

Young Woman Helping An Unfortunate Family

The Rustic Family



The Lunch

Artist's Daughter

Portrait Of A Little Boy Placing A Coral Necklace On A Dog

Portrait Of A Young Boy, said to be the Artist's Son, Michel Martin, Age 11

A Young Lady Reaching For A Guitar And A Boy Playing The Flute

The Young Gardener

Portrait Of A Boy In A Black Coat And Lace Cravat

The Fortune Teller

The Little Soldiers

Peasant Family At The Farm

Portrait Of A Young Boy

A Study Of A Young Boy

Louis Jacquet Maigret

Young Girl Sitting And Holding A Basket

Le cheval-fondu