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George Frederick Folingsby (1828 – 1891, Irish)

The First Lesson

Anselm Friedrich Feuerbach (1829 – 1880, German)

Ricordo di Tivoli

Children On The Beach

Kids Playing Music

Mandolin Player

Maria With Child Between Angels Playing Music

Flower Girl

Hafis vor der Schenke

The Judgement Of Paris



Mother With Children

William Henry Gore (1880 – 1927, English)

In Disgrace

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Behind The Times

Teasing The Cat

Patience Is A Virtue


The Pleasures Of Hope

Happy Playmates


H.W.Gore - TicklishTicklish

H.W.Gore - A Young Boy With An AppleA Young Boy With An Apple

Mabel Rollins Harris (XX Century, American)

Contemplating The Cookie Jar

Look Who’s Here

After The Bath

Good Morning

Sharon And Debbie



Blowing Bubbles

Mother And Baby

Baby In Mirror

Health And Happiness

Little Princess

Springtime Melody

HARRIS Rollins MabelPuppies And Kittens – Sleepytime

After Baby's BathAfter Baby’s Bath

Mother And DaughterMother And Daughter

Blue HeavenBlue Heaven

143title unknown

Mother And Baby 2Mother And Baby

316title unknown

366Girl With Dog

Feeding Their PetsFeeding Their Pets

37Girl With Collie

Little Blue EyesLittle Blue Eyes

26Goodnight Prayer

Michel-Honoré Bounieu (1770 – 1814, French)

Sleeping Child Guarded By A Dog

Pino (Giuseppe Dangelico) (1939 – 2010, Italian-born American)

Close To My Heart

A Time To Remember

Tuscan Stroll

Thinking Of You

A Mother’s Love

title unknown


Angel From Above

Reflections Of The Heart

Cliffside Retreat

Bedtime Stories

Remember When

Precious Moments

Maternal Instincts

title unknown

Spirit Of Love

title unknown

title unknown

Oliver Rhys (active 1876 – 1897, German)

The Fluttering Butterfly

Ancient Pastimes

A Young Lacemaker