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Josef Süss (1867 – 1937, Austrian)

(Part II)

Jewish Fiddler

Boy Playing Flute

Here I Am! – Father’s Homecoming

Little Girl

Mother Among Her Little Soldiers

The School Girl

Boys Playing Dice

Fighting Boys

In Faithful Memory

Girl In Traditional Costume Doing Her Homework

Collecting Sticks

Children Blowing Bubbles

Girl With A Crown Of Flowers

Girl On A Swing

Children Playing With Cats

Doll’s Repast

Child Playing Flute

(See also: Part I)


Josef Süss (1867 – 1937, Austrian)

Study Hour

Children Playing With Dog

Children Feeding Rabbits

The Little Flower Seller

Boy Hunting Butterfly

Boy With A Goat On A Leash

Child In Traditional Costume With A Rabbit Chase

Little Boy

Boy With Hat Standing Barefoot In A Yard

Girl Giving Flowers To Her Mother

Little Boy In The Meadow

Boy With Cigarette

Girl With Doll

Gypsy Romani Girl