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Seymour Joseph Guy (1824 – 1910, English-born American)

Two Children Watching The White DoveTwo Children Watching The White Dove

The Parrot Caught the BirdieThe Parrot Caught the Birdie

Knowledge Is PowerKnowledge Is Power

The Bitter BitThe Bitter Bit

At The BrookAt The Brook

Dressing For The RehearsalDressing For The Rehearsal


Girl And KittenGirl And Kitten

An Interesting BookAn Interesting Book

Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood


The Big CatchThe Big Catch

Girl With CanaryGirl With Canary

Close Your EyesClose Your Eyes


A Young Girl ReadingA Young Girl Reading

The Garland MakersThe Garland Makers

My MotherMy Mother

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Seymour Joseph Guy (1824 – 1910, English-born American)

The New Arrival

The Little Orange Girl

Unconscious Of Danger

Story Of Golden Locks

The Bed Time StoryThe Bed Time Story

Young Girl Reading

Gathering Flowers

See-saw, Margery Day

Equestrian Portrait

Making A Train

Making BelieveMaking Believe

The Contest For The Bouquet – The Family Of
Robert Gordon In Their New York Dining-Room

One For Mommy, One For Me

The Crossing Sweeper

The Haunted Cellar (Who’s Afraid?)

Preparing For The Next Day

The Reading Lesson

Picking Apples

The Goose Girl

Up For Repairs - The Torn TrousersUp For Repairs – The Torn Trousers

Who Is It?Who Is It?