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Vincenzo Irolli (1860 – 1949, Italian)

Two Dolls

The Kiss

In Mother’s Arms

The Girl On The Rocks

A Mother And Child

Off To School



Maternal Affection

The Rest Of The Schoolboy

Altar Boy

The Doll In The Corner

The Water Carrier

Girls In The Yard With Roosters

Mother And Son

Pensive Child

On The Terrace

Lucky Catch

Mother And Child

Fruit Seller

Celebration In The Streets

The Clay Pot

Boy With A Goat

Boy Plucking The Chicken

A Young Italian Boy

Peasant Girl With Onions

A Young Boy Eating Grapes

Girl With Flowers

Altar Boy

Peasant Girl

Young Peasant


Fisherman’s Son

The Young Musicians

The Coppersmith

The Village Fair

Girl Among The Flowers