William Holman Hunt (1827 – 1910, English)

The School Girl's HymnThe School Girl’s Hymn

May Morning on Magdalene TowerMay Morning On Magdalene Tower

Tuscan GirlTuscan Girl

Mrs. Wilson And Her ChildMrs. Wilson And Her Child

Miss Flamborough

Street Scene In Cairo

The Finding Of The Saviour In The Temple

A Converted British Family Sheltering A Christian Missionary
From The Persecution Of The Druids

The Triumph Of The Innocents

The Children’s Holiday

Master Hilary

The King Of Hearts

The Father's Leave-TakingThe Father’s Leave-Taking


2 risposte a “William Holman Hunt (1827 – 1910, English)

  1. There might be an error on this page. According to the site http://www.wikigallery.org, the painting “A Shy Sitter” is not from famous pre-raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt, but instead from lesser-known artist William Henry Hunt (same first and last names, same nationality, lived roughly during the same epoch).

    Mi piace


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