Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839 – 1915, Russian)

Children Running From A Thunderstorm

Interior With Mother And Daughter

Konstantin Makovsky - Family PortraitFamily Portrait

Peasant Children At Rest

Artist’s Children

Malenkie sharmanshiki

Portrait Of Grand Princess Maria Nikolayevna

Portrait Of A Girl

Volkov’s Family

Coffee House In Cairo


Prince Nikolai Dadiani As A Child


Children Playing

The Proclamation Of Kuzma Minin In Nizhny Novgorod In 1611

Carnival On The Admiralty Square In St. Petersburg

Before The Wedding

The Boyars’  Wedding

Happy Arcadia

The Toilet Of Venus

Cupid Gardeners

Portrait Of A Child


Cairo Court

Sunday Evening In A Little Russian Village

In The Park

Peasant Lunch At Harvest Time

Konstantin Makovsky And Olga


Una risposta a “Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839 – 1915, Russian)

  1. These are actually works be two different artists — Makovsky Konstantin Egorovich (the more realistic, painterly works) and Konstantin Makovsky (the idyllic colourful works).

    Mi piace


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