Thomas Benjamin Kennington (1856 – 1916, English)

The Pinch of PovertyThe Pinch Of Poverty


Homeless, 1890Homeless

Widowed And FatherlessWidowed And Fatherless

Daily BreadDaily Bread

unknowntitle unknown

A Mother's LoveA Mother’s Love

Mummy's Little DarlingMummy’s Little Darling

mother and daughterMother And Daughter

Portrait Of A Young Girl

The Picture Book

The Letter

Babies' BeachBabies’ Beach

Peek Frean Biscuits

(Thomas Benjamin Kennington – Wikipedia)


4 risposte a “Thomas Benjamin Kennington (1856 – 1916, English)

  1. What a useful resource–thank you. I wonder if you might know where Thomas Benjamin Kennington’s painting from 1891 titled ‘The Toy Shop’ might be–whether in private hands or a public collection? It’s the one which was used as a model for the Peek Freans biscuit advertisement in the V and A. I’ve looked and looked, and can find no reference to where it is. Don’t worry if you can’t help, but I thought it worth asking.

    Thanks for reading this,

    Lucy Coats

    Mi piace

    • Let’s hope that sooner or later someone can tell where the original painting is. Who knows…

      Mi piace

    • I own a T.B. Kennington. It is of a news boy. I’m not sure of the name of the painting but it seems to be oil on board. It has been in my family for over 60 years. I live in Florida and my wife and I are interested in selling it. If you have any recommendations it would be very appreciated.

      Best regards,
      David West

      Mi piace

  2. Could you tell me if A Touch of Poverty is available and what the cost would be.

    Mi piace


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