George Sheridan Knowles (1863 – 1931, English)


Friend Or Foe

A Bedtime Story

The Little Ones – Mother’s Pride

Summer Fun

Many Hands Make Light Work

title unknown

Little Red Riding Hood


Mother’s Comfort


A New Dress

There They Go

title unknown

The Orphans

Eventide – Kittens

A Merry Sleigh Ride

Page And Monarch Forth They Went

American Parade

Grandma’s Birthday

Blindman’s Bluff

In The Park


6 risposte a “George Sheridan Knowles (1863 – 1931, English)

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  2. I have a painting of G. Sheridan Knowles’ Grandma’s Birthday. Is it valuable? It’s been in our family since before I was born in 1970.

    "Mi piace"

  3. I also have a print a lithogram I think of Grandama’s birthday looks pretty old. Would like to know value.

    "Mi piace"

  4. I have also a paintings of G. Sharidan Knowles! Is it valuable?

    "Mi piace"

  5. I have an original oil of a Victorian lady in a purple dress sitting at a writing desk signed g.s. Knowles but I don’t know if its the same artist. It is very old but appears to be in good shape with very little craquelure. Wish I knew more about it.

    "Mi piace"


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