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Patience Arnold (1901 – 1992, English)





Hansel And GretelHansel And Gretel

Snow White And The WitchSnow White And The Witch

Patience Arnold (English)

Little Polly FindersLittle Polly Finders





Paul Friedrich Meyerheim (1842 – 1915, German)

Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood

The Animal StoreThe Animal Store

890title unknown

At The CircusAt The Circus

Sideshow TricksSideshow Tricks

The Goat Traders In The VillageThe Goat Traders In The Village

A Dark-Haired GirlA Dark-Haired Girl

Children And Household's TalesChildren And Household’s Tales

Little Red Riding Hood 2Little Red Riding Hood

Hansel And GretelHansel And Gretel

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935, American)

(Part II)

Little Drops Of Water



Girl On A Swing

Hansel and Gretel


The Little Lame Prince

Girl With Doll In Hammock

Young Child Holding A Chinese Doll

Little Seamstress

Everyday Fairy Book

Little Red Riding Hood

She Lufs Me, She Lufs Me Not

Girl With Favorite Book

Little Women

Have You A Red Cross Service Flag?

Princess By The Fire

A Quiet Corner

Boy Who Forgot To Wash

Boy With Bee

Paul Dombey and Florence On The Beach At Brighton

Children Seated At Table with Mad Hatter and March Hare

Begin The Day Right – Ivory Soap

Babies Sunning In Grace Church Garden

(2 – to be continued)

(See also: Part I)

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863 – 1935, American)

(Part I)

A Mother’s Reassurance

Children’s Book Week

Daddy’s Over There

Alice In Wonderland

The Little Em’ly

David Copperfield

David Copperfield and Pegotty By The Parlour Fire

Dickens’s Children, Tiny Tim And Bob Cratchit On Christmas Day

Little Nell and Her Grandfather At Mrs. Jarley’s

Snow White And Rose Red

Sweet And Low

Bonnie As A Young Girl

A Game Of Checkers

Rocking Baby Doll to Sleep

Hansel and Gretel

Betty’s Posy Shop

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary


North Wind

Good Housekeeping

Boy On A Rocking Chair

Little Jack Horner

The Crèche, Halsey Nursery

Going To Dinner, Catharine Mission

(1 – to be continued)

Hermann Kaulbach (1846 – 1909, German)

(Part I)

Reading The Bible

Monk Musician With Children



Story Time

Interesting Reading

Before School

School Is Over

Last Days Of Mozart

Baby’s First Adventure – The Surprise

Before The Catastrophe


Can’t You Read?

Little Girl And Rabbit

The Song Book


Dangerous Game


Portrait Of A Girl

Picture Book

The New Picture Book

Man Reading To Children

(1 – to be continued)

Felicitas Kuhn-Klapschy (1926, Austrian)

I scanned the following paintings from an old edition of Grimm’s fairy-tales. The illustrator’s name is not mentioned on the book. Thanks to Laura who identified the artist.

Snow-White and Rose-Red –
You poor Bear, come to the fire!

Snow-White and Rose-Red –
As a large fish swallowed the bait, the gnome almost fell into the water

Snow-White and Rose-Red –
Don’t stand about like that, come and help me!

Snow-White and Rose-Red –
An eagle had grabbed the gnome

Snow-White and Rose-Red –
The bearskin fell off the bear and there stood a young man

Hansel And GretelHansel And Gretel

Hansel and Gretel –
The mist was rising from the stream

Hansel and Gretel  –
It was night when they awoke

Hansel e Gretel Hansel and Gretel –
There was a fence of biscuits around the house

Hansel and Gretel –
Be good, boy, let me feel your finger!

Easter SurpriseEaster Surprise

The Busy BunnyThe Busy Bunny

Barbotin Barbotin

A Joyous RideA  Joyous Ride

A Joyous Ride 2A  Joyous Ride

The Green CastleThe Green Castle

The Princess On The PeaThe Princess On The Pea

The Wind ElvesThe Wind Elves

The Wind Elves 2The Wind Elves

The Wind Elves 3The Wind Elves


Thumbelina 2Thumbelina

Little Brother And Little SisterLittle Brother And Little Sister

Little Brother And Little Sister 2Little Brother And Little Sister

Little Brother And Little Sister 3Little Brother And Little Sister

Little Brother And Little Sister 4Little Brother And Little Sister

My Fairy WorldMy Fairy World

My Fairy World 2My Fairy World

My Fairy World 3My Fairy World

My fairy World 4My Fairy World

Paul Hermann Wagner (1852 – 1937, German)

Consolation In Suffering    

Mother And Child

    Forest Nymph

Aye Aye Captain

Hansel and Gretel In The Forest

The Drawing Lesson

Darning Stockings

Sweet Music


At The Footbridge

Young Girl

The Soup Thief

Boy On The Farm

Love Luck With Cupid’s Arrow

Young Girl With Buttered Bread And Apple

Portrait Of A Child

New Playthings

title unknown

title unknown

The Best Friends

Mother Goose

Woodland Nymph

title unknown

Summer Pleasures

Spring Flowers